Monday, December 7, 2015

What it's Like To Have a Best Friend that is Transgender

Hey readers! I want to introduce to you my best friend! For those of you that don't know, my best friend, Joss is a transgender woman and is my world. I was lucky enough to express what it's like being by her side all the time and the strength it takes to truly be transgender in takes in today's society through an Elite Daily article.

Check it out:
How Transphobia Highlights The Strength It Takes To Live Your Truth

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Autumn Essentials-Curvy Edition

Being curvy isn't just about wearing above a size 6, there's a lot more to properly dressing for your body type.

From working in the retail world for so long, this is something I became completely passionate about.

Don't be afraid to pick up a smaller or larger size than what you are used to. The size of the garment is only there to give you an IDEA of how large the garment is. Basically, the tag is telling you that if you're a size 16, don't pick up a size 2.

There's a range of sizes that you should feel comfortable grabbing to try on. Usually, if it is difficult to figure out the sizing just by looking at it, I try on a size smaller and a size larger than what I'm used to.

I currently wear a pant size of a US 14 (XL) and shirt size of a US 10 (M), so obviously, I am "bottom heavy."  

This means, what my autumn essentials are, as a curvier female, are not going to be the same as someone that is more "top heavy."

Options for both body types are going to be listed for both.

High Waist Denim-
Say "hi" to your new best friend, high waist denim is your go-to pant for any occasion. You can dress them up with some pumps or flats and a blazer or keep them casual with some boots and a leather jacket. Mid-wash to dark-wash denim is key for autumn. High waist denim gives the illusion of a longer leg while sucking in your mid-section, making your hips and waist look smaller. Can it get any better than that?

Black Turtle Neck-
This is an effortless garment; you can also dress up a turtle neck with a statement necklace or just keep casual with your favorite pair of flats. The thing with some turtle necks, they can become see-through in the bust area, no matter how busty you may or may not be. Make sure the fabric of the turtleneck is on the thicker side.

Infinity Scarf-
For gals that are more "pear shaped," an infinity scarf can help give you a balance between your chest and hips.

For gals that are more "apple shaped," a short, less bulky infinity scarf is perfect for this body type. As well as a longer neckline and a longer necklace can help give an illusion on a slimmer bust.

Combat Boots-
These boots are my favorite everyday boot; they are very versatile and can work with most of my outfits. Shorter and "pear shaped" (me) should stay closer to a shorter combat boot to give an illusion of slimmer hips and a longer leg. Taller curvy girls can wear a taller boot to accent their height.

Flannel shirt-
This is a must have for every season for me, especially in autumn. Pretty sure, I own over twelve different flannels. My favorite ones are actually sold in the men's department, so comfortable!

Unfortunely, I can't seem to find a long flannel that will work with my proportions so I wear shorter ones. For ladies that are shaped like myself we can wear flannels open with a skin tight garment underneath or buttoned up. Bustier females have an issue when the buttons don't seem to close all the way on the bust line and fit perfect on the waist. I have to yet to find a perfect fitted flannel for that particular body type (if you find one, please let me know!) To fix that issue, I usually tell the person to wear it open with a skin tight garment underneath.

Leather Jacket-
Last but not least, is the leather jacket; perfect for autumn. My favorite is the cropped leather jacket that land right on my hip bones because I'm on the shorter side, to be honest. I tend to stick to the classic black and taupe color ones. 

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Monday, October 5, 2015

11 Things to Know Before Attending FIT

What everyone needs to know about FIT…

1) Not everyone is an art or design student.

FIT houses the Jay & Patty Baker business school. This is the division of FIT that I attend to as an Advertising and Marketing Communications student.

2) For a tech school, it's not very technologically advanced.

We work on Dell computers that are probably older than most freshman and iMacs thicker than your average binder. One of my classes was actually canceled because the projector didn't work.


It's your lucky day if you only had to walk up three flights of stairs until you get to the 9th floor.

4) There are more cliques than in Mean Girls.

Good luck making friends.

5) If you don’t have an anxiety disorder, be prepared to develop one.

FIT is the land where the aggressive, competitive and type A people tend to study. Commuting, school work, internship, work and a social life… we juggle it all.

6) Never feel bad because you're not doing what everyone else is doing.

Everyone has different lifestyles and move at different rates. Relax, enjoy being in college in one of the best cities in the world.

7) Living in the Big Apple is going to cost you.

You can't always have fun, if you don't have a big enough wallet… or credit card limit.

8) You are required to have an internship.

This is probably the biggest pain in the ass; usually these internships are not paid but are for school credit. They require you work there for at least two days a week.  

9) The professors are professionals.

The professors are not just teachers they are still active in the industry that you major in. More often than not, they will end class early because they have a meeting or an event to attend to.

10) Not everyone dresses up to go to class.

Point blank.

11) FIT is one of a kind.

After attending this fine establishment and go visit another college, you will see distinct differences. Such as, THERE IS GUYS OUT THERE. Yes, there are guys out in the city that are your age and that are into girls. Once you step off campus, you will see a whole different world. People dress differently and are way more laid back. 

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Being Curvy In A Fashion School

"OMG, a girl that's over a size 6 in a fashion school" is what you may think that goes on within a fashion school, I thought the same thing. Being a full figured person isn't as obscure within today's fashion students; yes, there are fewer curvy guys and gals walking the halls but not everyone is six foot something and a twig. Most people are your average height and weight; this thought is comforting because why not strut your curves pass the average Joes and Josephines?

I will vouch and say it is harder to shop and stylize outfits when you're curvier around the edges. There's always a cross between looking like you're trying too hard or frumpy and super casual. Us full figured folk can't just jump on a subway to the nearest shopping mall to buy a basic romper from the first fast-fashion store in sight. Chances are the romper will be ill-fitted and our thighs make the garment ride up and a camel-toe is never cute. Can I get an "amen?"

The first day of attending a fashion school was probably the most in-depth I ever thought about an outfit. After over-thinking the concept of the "first day of school outfit" I came to realize that there is always room to grow from a first impression. So just keep it simple the first few days of class so don't where your favorite heels and skin tight dress, save it for the club. Yes, there are those drop-dead gorgeous people that you end up spending a portion of your class time wondering why they get so "done up" for a class or how long it takes them to get ready in the morning. These are the people we always think of when we think of a fashion school but in reality there's only one of "them" in every class you'll have. The first day, I ended up wearing high waist jeans and black tank with a cardigan with black flats and a brown satchel, the day went well. I attend a fashion school that is the heart of the Big Apple and everyone is so numb to what people wear and caught up in their hectic lives, that they don't care what you wear. You won't be shunned if you have unwashed hair and wear the same thing every week. We are all in this "mess" called college together anyway. 

NY, NY. If you haven't guess, I attend The Fashion of Technology.

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Sad Truth

As you may know, it is not particularly easy being a curvy girl in the fashion world. Maybe it's because of the assumption that no one will take you seriously on the interview that will jump-start your career and the model-isc person will get the gig you stayed up all night to prep for. I can only assume something like this happened to me.
 I went on an interview for a high-end retail store as a sales associate, nothing too serious. A cover letter, resume, letters of recommendations, you name it, I brought it. Not to come off cocky, but I was probably too prepared for a sales associate job. The store manager didn't even know of the competition in that was in the shopping mall. Long story short, I nailed the interview. The store manager said things "the district manager will be calling you shortly for a second interview," "when you come into the store next week, you will be getting your schedule," and "see you soon." One can only assume I got the job, right? Wrong. Sent a follow-up E-mail, thanking her and asking why I never received a phone call from the district manager. No answer. During the interview she had mention that everyone had to wear this certain brand name. At that moment, I knew I probably wouldn't fit into the clothing there but I have experience in the field and is educated in fashion business, even though this was just retail job it still was bothersome.  Later on, I have noticed everyone that works there fits the particular "mold" of what the company wants, which is, thin as if being thin makes the sales. But I guess the manager saved me some embarrassment of being fired for not fitting the "look" of the brand in other words, being too large. Here's the kicker, a month or two later I see the same listing for the same position at the store… This probably isn't the case of all higher-end retail gigs but this is just one thing us curvier gals have to deal with while trying to make into the fashion world.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Stomping Ground

Brooklyn, NY
Welcome to New York City, readers! When I'm not wandering around rural areas and running away from bugs in nature trails, the Big Apple is primarily my stomping ground. This city may have its glamorous moments but it will always be one cluster fuck of people. One minute you can see a bum shooting up on the sidewalk or Kim Kardashian walking into a building but most of the time it's an ordinary person walking their dog, so don't get too excited… or scared. Anything is possible here in this concrete jungle, no matter what you're interested in, there is a place for you in this eclectic city.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Riverhead, NY
Hey, readers! My name is Krystal; I'm currently a fashion student and finishing up my degree shortly, woo! Curvy Wanders is a blog I created to share my experiences as curvy girl in the fashion world and also in everyday life. I love to travel, eat carbs and always had a knack for fashion. Curvy Wanders is something I wanted to create for a while and I'm very excited to share with you! Bear with me because let's just say, I'm a little "rusty" at this whole blogging thing. 
Stay tuned! 

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