Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Being Curvy In A Fashion School

"OMG, a girl that's over a size 6 in a fashion school" is what you may think that goes on within a fashion school, I thought the same thing. Being a full figured person isn't as obscure within today's fashion students; yes, there are fewer curvy guys and gals walking the halls but not everyone is six foot something and a twig. Most people are your average height and weight; this thought is comforting because why not strut your curves pass the average Joes and Josephines?

I will vouch and say it is harder to shop and stylize outfits when you're curvier around the edges. There's always a cross between looking like you're trying too hard or frumpy and super casual. Us full figured folk can't just jump on a subway to the nearest shopping mall to buy a basic romper from the first fast-fashion store in sight. Chances are the romper will be ill-fitted and our thighs make the garment ride up and a camel-toe is never cute. Can I get an "amen?"

The first day of attending a fashion school was probably the most in-depth I ever thought about an outfit. After over-thinking the concept of the "first day of school outfit" I came to realize that there is always room to grow from a first impression. So just keep it simple the first few days of class so don't where your favorite heels and skin tight dress, save it for the club. Yes, there are those drop-dead gorgeous people that you end up spending a portion of your class time wondering why they get so "done up" for a class or how long it takes them to get ready in the morning. These are the people we always think of when we think of a fashion school but in reality there's only one of "them" in every class you'll have. The first day, I ended up wearing high waist jeans and black tank with a cardigan with black flats and a brown satchel, the day went well. I attend a fashion school that is the heart of the Big Apple and everyone is so numb to what people wear and caught up in their hectic lives, that they don't care what you wear. You won't be shunned if you have unwashed hair and wear the same thing every week. We are all in this "mess" called college together anyway. 

NY, NY. If you haven't guess, I attend The Fashion of Technology.

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