Monday, August 17, 2015

The Sad Truth

As you may know, it is not particularly easy being a curvy girl in the fashion world. Maybe it's because of the assumption that no one will take you seriously on the interview that will jump-start your career and the model-isc person will get the gig you stayed up all night to prep for. I can only assume something like this happened to me.
 I went on an interview for a high-end retail store as a sales associate, nothing too serious. A cover letter, resume, letters of recommendations, you name it, I brought it. Not to come off cocky, but I was probably too prepared for a sales associate job. The store manager didn't even know of the competition in that was in the shopping mall. Long story short, I nailed the interview. The store manager said things "the district manager will be calling you shortly for a second interview," "when you come into the store next week, you will be getting your schedule," and "see you soon." One can only assume I got the job, right? Wrong. Sent a follow-up E-mail, thanking her and asking why I never received a phone call from the district manager. No answer. During the interview she had mention that everyone had to wear this certain brand name. At that moment, I knew I probably wouldn't fit into the clothing there but I have experience in the field and is educated in fashion business, even though this was just retail job it still was bothersome.  Later on, I have noticed everyone that works there fits the particular "mold" of what the company wants, which is, thin as if being thin makes the sales. But I guess the manager saved me some embarrassment of being fired for not fitting the "look" of the brand in other words, being too large. Here's the kicker, a month or two later I see the same listing for the same position at the store… This probably isn't the case of all higher-end retail gigs but this is just one thing us curvier gals have to deal with while trying to make into the fashion world.

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