Monday, October 5, 2015

11 Things to Know Before Attending FIT

What everyone needs to know about FIT…

1) Not everyone is an art or design student.

FIT houses the Jay & Patty Baker business school. This is the division of FIT that I attend to as an Advertising and Marketing Communications student.

2) For a tech school, it's not very technologically advanced.

We work on Dell computers that are probably older than most freshman and iMacs thicker than your average binder. One of my classes was actually canceled because the projector didn't work.


It's your lucky day if you only had to walk up three flights of stairs until you get to the 9th floor.

4) There are more cliques than in Mean Girls.

Good luck making friends.

5) If you don’t have an anxiety disorder, be prepared to develop one.

FIT is the land where the aggressive, competitive and type A people tend to study. Commuting, school work, internship, work and a social life… we juggle it all.

6) Never feel bad because you're not doing what everyone else is doing.

Everyone has different lifestyles and move at different rates. Relax, enjoy being in college in one of the best cities in the world.

7) Living in the Big Apple is going to cost you.

You can't always have fun, if you don't have a big enough wallet… or credit card limit.

8) You are required to have an internship.

This is probably the biggest pain in the ass; usually these internships are not paid but are for school credit. They require you work there for at least two days a week.  

9) The professors are professionals.

The professors are not just teachers they are still active in the industry that you major in. More often than not, they will end class early because they have a meeting or an event to attend to.

10) Not everyone dresses up to go to class.

Point blank.

11) FIT is one of a kind.

After attending this fine establishment and go visit another college, you will see distinct differences. Such as, THERE IS GUYS OUT THERE. Yes, there are guys out in the city that are your age and that are into girls. Once you step off campus, you will see a whole different world. People dress differently and are way more laid back. 

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